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Tips for creating your Adoption Story book

Tips for creating your Adoption Story book

Many of our adoptive parents love to create “Adoption Story” scrapbooks for their adopted children – a fun book to share the details of the adoption process. These adoption baby books have become a popular trend, and we get questions from parents all the time about how to create them.

It’s a big task, and it’s not always clear where to start, especially […]

Can you use loans to pay for an adoption?

Can you use loans to pay for an adoption?

Every year, thousands of couples add to their families through adoption – it’s a wonderful gift that brings happiness to so many. It can be a long, confusing process, and our main goal is to try to make it as easy as possible and answer any questions we receive.

One of the questions we hear most often is “How much does it cost to adopt?”

It’s […]

6 tips to prepare for the adoption journey

6 Tips to Prepare for the Adoption Journey

The path to adoption is different for every family, and none of those paths are straight and easy. Adopting a baby is an incredible moment for any family, but the process leading up to that moment you hold your new baby is always long and difficult. You’ll ride an emotional roller coaster, so it’s important to work with an agency that’s experienced enough to know […]

You’re not giving up – you’re choosing a better future

You’re not giving up… You’re choosing a better future!

The most common phrase associated with adoption is “giving up” a child for adoption – but that’s such a negative phrase. You’re not giving your child up, you’re choosing a better future for your child. You’re giving an amazing gift to another family. You’re making people’s lives change for the better.

For many years, adoption was a dark secret of our society, but the public […]

The BBB wrote an amazing story about Lifetree!

The BBB wrote an amazing story about Lifetree!

At the beginning of the month, the Better Business Bureau published an amazing piece about Lifetree and our founder, Robin. They shared about the history of Lifetree, with a special focus on Robin and how she felt called to the ministry of adoption.

“I just had a passion and wanted to bring hope”

The story walks through Robin’s own experience adopting a child, and how that experience […]

5 great family movies about adoption

5 great family movies about adoption

It’s Christmas time, and many families look forward to lighting a fire and settling down for family movie night (if the weather ever decides to get cold enough). As we were watching the great Will Ferrell in Elf over the Thanksgiving weekend, we started thinking about other family movies that addressed adoption.

Many families find that watching movies with positive adoption messages can help […]

I got her pregnant… 6 Tips for birth fathers

I got her pregnant…
6 tips for birth fathers

You’ve just heard from your girlfriend, your wife, or your ex that she’s pregnant. You weren’t planning for a baby, and neither of you is ready. Take a deep breath – you’re probably in shock.

It’s perfectly normal to be scared or frustrated… We know it’s huge news. You don’t want to be the cliche – don’t claim that it’s not your child and don’t even […]