How to explain adoption to loved ones

Pregnant and need help?

    Adoption is a beautiful process; nevertheless, it is often misunderstood. Many view adoption as shameful, or as a dishonorable act of love, when it is really love in the purest form. Adoptions consist of love that extends from the heart, not the mind.

    Choosing adoption is not chosen due to a lack of love, it is chosen because of your profound love for your child. In many ways adoption parallels the adoption process we have encountered with God. He sacrificed His Son so that we could have eternal life. You sacrifice your parental rights so that your child can have opportunities that you cannot provide at this time in your life and so that Adoptive Families can become that “mom” or “dad” they so desire.

    Adoption is helping Adoptive Families fulfill their dreams of having children. Having children has been unattainable for many of these families, try as they might. Many couples have been on an infertility roller coaster and their only hope of having a family is through adoption.

    The adoption process may be difficult for some people to understand, but it is important to see the long term beauty of this choice – for everyone involved.

    Pregnant and need help?