You’re not giving up… You’re choosing a better future!

The most common phrase associated with adoption is “giving up” a child for adoption – but that’s such a negative phrase. You’re not giving your child up, you’re choosing a better future for your child. You’re giving an amazing gift to another family. You’re making people’s lives change for the better.

For many years, adoption was a dark secret of our society, but the public viewpoint has shifted. It’s no longer something to hide or talk about behind closed doors. Now that the perception has changed, it’s time to change the language we use around adoption as well.

At Lifetree, we’ve talked about using positive adoption language for years, and now that we’re posting regularly on our new site, we wanted to share a list of positive adoptions terms. The more we use these terms with family and friends, the faster the phrases will become the norm.

Instead of:

Say this instead:

Give up for adoption
Place for adoption, choose adoption, create an adoption plan
Relinquish or surrender rights
Transfer or terminate parental rights
Real parent
Birth parent
My adopted child
My child
Keep a child
Parent a child

If we all make a change and start using positive adoption phrases, we’ll help educate other people about adoption and help everyone realize that adoption is simply another way to make a family!

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