Back to school tips for 2019

Easy back to school tips for 2019It’s back to school time… we’ve only got a few weeks until school starts! Back to school is an exciting time for everyone, but it’s also a time where anxiety can skyrocket. Don’t fret, we’re here to help make things easier for you and your children. It helps everyone to ease back into the school routine, and the tips we’re sharing in this month’s blog will help!

1) Meet the teacher night is key – don’t miss it!

Typically, the biggest back-to-school fear for most kids is wondering if they’ll like their new teacher. Every school hosts a “meet the teacher” night just before school starts. Don’t skip it, even if your kids have been in the same school for years. The informal setting helps break the ice – kids can meet the new teacher with their parents there, which makes the process much less scary.

2) Take a school tour

You’re already at the school for meet the teacher night – take the opportunity to tour the school. Help your child figure out where things are located – knowing where the room is in relation to the bathroom, the cafeteria, and the playground helps calm nerves. If you’ve got older children in the same school, letting them lead the tour can help younger children feel even more secure.

3) Shop for school supplies together

Many parents prefer to knock out school supply shopping alone, but letting your child assist really helps him or her feel more comfortable about the new school year. Letting them pick out their own supplies and choose their own colors and designs make the back-to-school process more fun, and when they feel ownership in their supply choices, they’ll feel more comfortable on the first day.

4) Enjoy the end of summer break

Many parents start drilling their kids during the few weeks leading up to school. Studies have shown this doesn’t help and actually increases anxiety. Your kids need some down time before the rigid school schedule starts, so let them enjoy their last few weeks of freedom.

5) Ease into the school routine

An immediate change from an easy summer schedule to a rigid school schedule is difficult for kids and parents alike. If your kids have a later bedtime in the summer, start pushing the time back a week or so before school starts. The same goes for waking up. It’s best to start the school schedule a few days before school actually starts – set alarm clocks, get up and get ready, eat breakfast, and get ready to leave for school. Establishing the routine a few days before school starts makes it easer for everyone in the household to be ready on day one.

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