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    There are three different types of adoptions you can choose from. Open, Semi-Open, and Closed. Open Adoptioninvolves sharing confidential information like full names and addresses, and includes an ongoing relationship with the Adoptive Family and the child. Semi-Open Adoption, the most popular type of adoption, involves sharing only some information like the first names with one another and meeting at our office with your counselor present. Closed adoption means all confidential information, such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers, are kept unrevealed at each party’s request. At Lifetree, we recommend the Semi-Open and Open adoption processes. In either of these processes, you control the openness that you want with your child as well as with the Adoptive Family. But the biggest advantages of these adoption processes are knowing who will be parenting your child and seeing your child mature as the years pass.

    Absolutely! You have the right to choose and meet the Adoptive Family. We encourage you to ask questions that are important to you. We will also facilitate ongoing contact between you and the chosen Adoptive Family at your request.

    Before we accept an Adoptive Family as a client, Lifetree will require each Adoptive Family to undergo an extensive Home Study which evaluates their family’s stability, financial standing, lifestyle, home and its surroundings, health situation, and personal history. After the child has been placed with the Adoptive Family, the Adoptive Family undergoes an extensive Post-Adoptive Placement Screening that will be conducted monthly until the adoption has been finalized by the courts. During these Screenings, we are ensuring ourselves that the child is placed into a loving, caring family. Not only do we present to you that this Adoptive Family is a good family for your child, we are also presenting the same thing to the State Court.

    The way Lifetree looks at it…we only place those children with Adoptive Families whom we would consider placing our own.

    Absolutely! We don’t want you to go through the adoption process alone. We want to discuss with you your options, guide you through your decision-making process, support you in any way we possibly can.

    Lifetree offers free counseling, support, and guidance before, during, and after placement 24-hours a day! Our goals are to ensure that you will be at peace with your decision to place and to provide a healthy recovery for you after placement.

    We will assist you in obtaining medical care and assist with medical expenses that are not covered by your private insurance or Medicaid.

    We will assist you in obtaining legal assistance as it relates to your parental rights and that of the Birthfather’s parental rights.

    We can help you with financial assistance as long as it stays within the guidelines of the law.

    Pregnant and need help?