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Hi, I’m Robin Stephenson. Not only am I the founder of Lifetree Adoption Agency, I’m also an adoptive mother.

Lifetree Adoption Agency is my ministry – not just a job. After five years of riding on the infertility rollercoaster and many unsuccessful infertility treatments, I still had the desire to have a child – a child who would love me and call me mommy. I wanted this more than anything in life.

I embraced a saying a friend had shared with me… She told me I would become a mom one day because only the Lord could put that desire into my heart. There were times I prayed for the Lord to take that desire out of my heart, but the desire became stronger than ever. The day my fifth and final IVF attempt failed, I came to realize that my dream of becoming a mom wasn’t me birthing my own child, but rather raising a child that grew up in my heart and not in my tummy.

I was green to the adoption world, so I didn’t know where to begin or what to ask. I talked to many adoption agencies before I found an agency that explained the adoption process to me and made me feel comfortable! Suddenly, there was this overwhelming peace that came over me… Letting me know that this is the agency that God wants for me.

The best thing I loved about the adoption process was I got to meet my “little angel’s” Birthmother. What an amazing woman! She handed me her sonogram pictures and told me that they were mine. She explained to me why she was choosing to place her child. What a wonderful story I have for my “little angel”! I am very thankful to my “little angel’s” Birthmother. She has the most loving and unselfish heart ever imaginable and she chose me to parent her child. She allowed me to become the one thing that I couldn’t do myself – she allowed me to become a “mom.”

God showed me the path and I agreed to follow. As I look back, I know exactly why God allowed all those infertility treatments to fail. They failed because God had a bigger and better plan for me. His plan for me was to be the mother to this precious “little angel.” You can ask my “little angel” where she grew up, and she will say, “I grew up in my mommy’s heart!” And the best thing she says is “I love you Mommy!” – it melts my heart!

I later began to wonder what I’m to do with this knowledge that the Lord gave to me. One day, about four years later, the Lord called me to serve others through adoption. I had the desire in my heart to help women who want to be a mom become a mom and to work with the courageous, wonderful women who are not yet ready to become a parent, but love their unborn child so much that they are willing to do the most unselfish act one can do by placing their child for adoption.

Lifetree Adoption Agency is a Christian-based agency based in Dallas, Texas (also serving Fort Worth, Denton, and the entire North Texas area), committed to fulfilling the dreams of Birth Parents and Adoptive Families while carrying out God’s will for our lives.

Lifetree Adoption Agency is an accredited adoption agency with the Christian Adoption Alliance. I’m a member of the Adoption Council and we’re all committed to helping advance adoption from a Biblical perspective.