How to choose a good adoption agency

how to choose an adoption agencyWhether you’re expecting and exploring your options or you’re a family looking to adopt a new baby, finding the right adoption agency is an important yet scary step in the process. It’s a major life decision, so it’s important to make the right choice.

We know you have a ton of questions to ask – and we’re here to help answer those questions! Finding the right adoption agency makes all the difference in the world. You want an agency that takes personal interest in your adoption journey, not an agency who treats you like just another number.

Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of birthmothers, adoptive families, birth centers, and hospitals. But most importantly, our founder Robin is an adoptive mother herself. When she adopted, she was completely new to the adoption world and had no idea where to start. She talked to multiple adoption agencies before finding one that took the time to fully explain the process and answer all of her questions.

She built Lifetree around the same idea – taking the extra time and personal touch to answer every question and support both birthmothers and adoptive parents through every step of the journey. Thanks to her extensive experience, we know the right questions to ask when looking for an adoption agency.

Finding the right adoption agency is key – you want to find an agency who cares and who has your best interest at heart. You want to find an ethical agency so you know you’ll be treated right. Every agency has its own process and policies, so it’s important to know which questions to ask when considering who will handle your adoption. We’ve put together a list to help you in your decision:

Questions to help you choose the right adoption agency

  1. Is the agency licensed? Many ads and websites online are for “facilitators”, who aren’t required to provide the same level of services as an adoption agency. You want to be sure you’re working with a licensed agency, not a facilitator.
  2. Has the agency ever had a license violation? If an agency has had a violation, that means they didn’t follow all the rules required to have an adoption agency license. This is important because you want to work with an ethical agency that follows all the rules.
  3. Does the agency specialize in domestic or international adoptions? You’ll want to work with an agency that specializes in domestic adoptions.
  4. What is their adoption process? They should be able to explain the process in detail, outlining each step and answering all of your questions. They should be able to clearly outline what’s needed to begin your adoption plan.
  5. What sort of adoptions do they offer? Do they offer open, semi-open, or closed adoptions? Are you allowed to choose? Do they assist with contact between birthmothers and adoptive parents both before and after the adoption? The agency you choose should explain each type of adoption and let you choose which you prefer. They should also help with communication both before and after the adoption.
  6. What kind of support to they offer for birthmothers and adoptive families? Is travel covered? What about medical expenses or living expenses? Legal expenses? Do they offer counseling or support groups? The agency should clearly explain all the support they offer and clearly outline all the additional costs and expenses outside of the adoption fees. You’ll want to choose an agency with the highest level of both financial and emotional support/
  7. Do they let you choose your adoptive family? You’ll want to know about their qualification process – what do adoptive parents have to do to qualify? What does a home study involve? Can you choose single parents or only married couples? It’s important to know how much control you’ll have over your decision.
  8. Can you call the agency at any time? Can you call them at any time, day or night – even after the adoption? The best agencies are there to provide support and answer your questions at any time, forever.

We know that choosing the right adoption agency in Dallas is an overwhelming decision – and that’s why our team is here to answer your questions and provide support. There’s a huge benefit to working with an adoption agency that was founded by an adoptive mother – we know the ins and outs and the highs and lows of the adoption process because we’ve been through it ourselves. We hope this list of questions helps you choose the right agency – and we’re happy to answer these questions if you’d like to ask us yourself. You can call us any time at 972-491-3333.

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