Lifetree Adoption’s Mission

At Lifetree, we care about the well-being of the Child, the Birth Parents, and the Adoptive Parents. Our mission statement is simple:

“To help Adoptive Families with loving and caring homes fulfill their dreams of having children and to aid Birth Parents into a healthy recovery before, during and after placement.”

We know the adoption process is a tough road, and no one should travel down it alone. That is why we are here. We bring encouragement, guidance, and support to those who need to go down that road. Our experience shows us that adoption benefits each person involved. It is a caring solution for those courageous, wonderful women who are not yet ready to become a parent…who love their unborn child so much that they are rewarded by the most unselfish act one can do; and a miracle for those who have dreamed for so long to have a child or to extend their current family.

Lifetree’s object is to help the Birth Parents determine if adoptive placement is in the best interest of their child. We strive to help Birth Parents (who chose adoption as their option) find peace with their decision. At Lifetree, we place newborns, up to children three years of age, of all ethnic backgrounds, with qualified Adoptive Families who choose adoption as their to expand their family.

Lifetree wants to help you fulfill your dreams. Give us a call and let us show you the difference. It is important to us to ease the minds of our Birth Parents and our Adoptive Families, which is why we make ourselves available to answer questions and discuss concerns regarding adoption 24 hours a day.

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