5 great family movies about adoption

5 great family movies about adoption

It’s Christmas time, and many families look forward to lighting a fire and settling down for family movie night (if the weather ever decides to get cold enough). As we were watching the great Will Ferrell in Elf over the Thanksgiving weekend, we started thinking about other family movies that addressed adoption.

Many families find that watching movies with positive adoption messages can help adoptees feel understood, so we thought we’d put together a fun little list of 5 great family movies that show adoption in a positive, entertaining light. Let us know what you think of our list, and share your favorites that we might have left out down in the comments.

5. Disney’s Tarzan

adoption movie - Disney's Tarzan

Tarzan is one of Disney’s greats, with awesome animation and amazing songs – but since it’s older, many kids haven’t seen it. Quite possibly the most famous adoptee in literature, Tarzan is adopted and raised by apes – but eventually questions his origins. The movie even includes song lyrics that celebrate “two worlds, one family.” Kids from 5 […]

5 great family movies about adoption

I got her pregnant… 6 Tips for birth fathers

I got her pregnant…
6 tips for birth fathers

You’ve just heard from your girlfriend, your wife, or your ex that she’s pregnant. You weren’t planning for a baby, and neither of you is ready. Take a deep breath – you’re probably in shock.

It’s perfectly normal to be scared or frustrated… We know it’s huge news. You don’t want to be the cliche – don’t claim that it’s not your child and don’t even think about leaving town. You’ve got choices too – these 6 tips will help you step up to the plate and play an active role in the decisions that will be made.

1. Don’t bail on your girlfriend/wife/ex

You can’t ignore what happened. The more you try to ignore it or run away from it, the harder it will be to think clearly and help make the right decisions.

2. Stay calm

She’s just as surprised as you are. You’re both parents-to-be, and you’ve got some big decisions to make. It’s easier to talk through your options and make the right decisions if you’re calm. Even if you’re not together anymore, she’s going to need your […]

I got her pregnant… 6 Tips for birth fathers

5 reasons pregnant women consider adoption

5 Reasons pregnant
women consider adoption

Placing a baby for adoption is an incredibly difficult decision. We talk to pregnant women all the time who have questions about adoption and how it will work. It’s important to remember that many women choose adoption – for many different reasons.

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy or you’re considering adoption, the most important thing you can do is talk to an adoption agency. Every situation is unique, and an adoption professional can help you understand all of the different aspects.

Only you know your own mind, but these are the most common reasons why a woman chooses to place her baby for adoption.

1. I’m not ready to be a mother

Many times, age is a big factor in the decision to place a child for adoption. Younger mothers often feel that they’re just not ready to raise a child. Older mothers might have already raised a family and a new baby could disrupt career plans or general lifestyle.

2. I don’t want to be a single parent

While many single mothers are successful in their careers while being amazing mothers, some women don’t feel like the […]

5 reasons pregnant women consider adoption

Considering adoption? 5 Questions to ask an adoption agency

Considering adoption?
5 questions to ask an adoption agency

If you’re pregnant and considering pacing your baby for adoption, you’re going to have a lot of questions. You can answer most of the basic questions with a little bit of Internet research, but it’s always better to get your questions answered by a real live person.

Call your local adoption agencies and ask questions – not just about the process, but about the agency. You’ll want to choose an adoption agency with experienced staff who can support you throughout the adoption process. Choosing an agency that has your best interest at heart is incredibly important.

We know it’s an overwhelming process, so we’ve put together 5 important questions to ask when you’re trying to choose an adoption agency:

1) What kind of support do you offer throughout the process?

Adoption is an emotional process – all the way through. As you make these big decisions for yourself and your baby, you’re going to need support for the range of emotions you’re going to experience. Ask if the agency’s staff will be fully available throughout the process – even on nights and weekends, […]

Considering adoption? 5 Questions to ask an adoption agency

6 books about adoption to read with your children

6 books about adoption to read with your children

Adoption used to be much more of a taboo subject with adopted children, with many parents deciding to keep the adoption a secret. Now, families are much more open, and most families explain the process to their children at an early age.

Still, when your child starts asking difficult questions, it can be hard to know how to explain more complicated and abstract concepts like adoption. Your child will likely want to know why they were placed for adoption, if they look like their birth parents, why you chose them for adoption, and other questions that might be hard to explain.

Books can be an amazing tool when it comes to explaining adoption. Authors who write books for children are experts at using simple concepts and dynamic pictures to entertain children. Several authors have written incredible books that can help you explain adoption to your children.

I Wished for You: An Adoption Story by Marianne Richmond

In this book, a young bear named Barley has a conversation with his Mama bear, and he asks the same questions most adoptive children usually ask.

Yes, […]

6 books about adoption to read with your children

Busting a few common adoption myths

Busting common adoption myths

Unless you’ve been through the process before, adoption can be an intimidating process. Our goal at Lifetree is to make the process easier and less confusing for both birthmothers and adoptive families – so it can be the wonderful experience it’s meant to be. Unfortunately, there are many myths and misconceptions about adoption that make things more confusing.

According to a report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 42% of adoptive child-parent relationships are “better than ever expected.” Most people want to adopt a newborn, which is different than adopting an older child.


Busting a few common adoption myths
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