Looking for an adoption agency in Forth Worth?

Lifetree adoption works with birthmothers and adoptive families all over the state of Texas, but many times we end up working with residents of the DFW area. We’ve added this page to our site to assist birthmothers or adoptive families who live in the Fort Worth area.

Keep in mind – Lifetree is here to help you through the entire process, whether you’re placing your child or hoping to adopt. We know that adoption can be a scary process, and some people would rather do research before committing to a phone call or in person visit.

If you’re considering placing your baby for adoption (the phrase “giving up” is outdated – check our blog for more info), check the list below for the best Pregnancy Centers in Fort Worth – you can head to any of them to confirm that you’re pregnant and to receive prenatal care.

If you’re in the Fort Worth area and you’re looking to adopt a baby, we’ve listed a few home study agencies and other info that will help you understand and get through the adoption process.

Pregnancy Centers in Fort Worth, Texas

Pregnancy centers are non-profit clinics where you can go to confirm your pregnancy and learn about potential options. Sometimes called “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”, the staff members aren’t medical personnel, and the centers are often run by pro-life groups.

Pregnancy Resource Centers, sometimes also called “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” are usually not-for-profit clinics where expectant parents may seek assistance to confirm a pregnancy and review and discuss available options. Many Pregnancy Resource Centers are not staffed by medical personnel, and do not distribute contraceptives. Most are affiliated with pro-life organizations, so encourage parenting or adoption, however not all have religious affiliation.

Fort Worth, Texas Pregnancy Clinics

Pregnancy clinics are different from Pregnancy Centers because they’re staffed by medical personnel. They’re able to provide prenatal care, discuss family planning, and perform STD tests. Pregnancy Clinics can also prescribe and provide contraceptives.

If you’ve got limited financial resources and wondering what sort of health coverage is available for pregnancy, you can learn more at Texas Health and Human Services.

Fort Worth, Texas Hospitals

If you’re a birthmother or a waiting adoptive family, you may want to speak to the medical team about hospital plans or other questions. These Fort Worth hospitals offer birthing centers:

Completing a Home Study in Fort Worth, Texas

Before being allowed to adopt a child, your family will need to complete a home study. The home study is meant to assess that you’re capable of adding a child to your home, and that you’ll be suitable parents to the new child. The home study generally involves someone coming to your house to ask questions that are used to collect info about your family, your family history, your health history, your personal background, and your finances.

Your home study is a vital part of the beginning of the adoption process. when you’re ready for a home study, contact us at Lifetree and we’ll be able to schedule your appointment.

Finalizing Your Adoption in County Court

To finalize your adoption, you’ll need to complete the legal process through a court action. If you’re finalizing your adoption in the Fort Worth area, the Tarrant County courthouse is the Tarrant County Family Courts building.

Fun things to do in Fort Worth

Looking for something fun to do with your kids in the Fort Worth area? Here’s a list of the top local attractions: