Waiting Parents: Steven and Lauren

Thanks for taking the time to review our profile! We are Steven and Lauren; two goofballs who can’t wait to be part of an adoption story. Every day, we ask the Lord to bless you and your little one(s) with His presence, kindness, and wisdom as you navigate this process. We hope you feel loved and supported in every step of your journey, and that we have the privilege of joining you!

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

We met later in life than we would have liked, but it was worth the wait. Our first date was a simple conversation over coffee that turned into lunch in early 2019. Within a few months, we knew we wanted to be lifelong partners. So we started premarital counseling that summer and married in the Spring of 2020… just in time for the world to shut down. The last four years have been a whirlwind of the unexpected, and every new obstacle makes us especially grateful to have found each other. We’ve been to Iceland, Hawaii, and a handful of National Parks together, but we think this will be our favorite adventure yet!

Adoption has been part of our plan from the beginning, and the Lord is now leading us to open our home and hearts with His perfect timing. We live in an old-school neighborhood near a few excellent elementary schools, a handful of awesome playgrounds, and a group of soccer fields within easy walking distance. Our home is built for friends, family, and community, but we like to visit Steven’s relatives in the area or take a quick road trip to see Lauren’s in South Texas when we aren’t hosting. No matter where we are, we think it’s important to make time for games, hijinks, and great conversations.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

Lauren is a Physician Assistant who has lined up a more flexible, part-time schedule that will let her focus on whatever children the Lord has for us. She is a nurturer who loves plants, animals, and adventure. She can often be found watching hummingbirds or digging around in one of her garden beds, but you’re just as likely to spot her curled up with a book.

Steven is a Communications and Marketing professional who also runs a soccer league for at-risk boys. He is a natural storyteller who thinks in narratives and can’t resist a great pun. His friends describe him as honest, dependable, creative, compassionate, and funny… although several have accused him of “operating without a license” when it comes to Dad Jokes.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

We see our family as a team with different backgrounds and shared goals, so we asked a friend to design a soccer-style family crest as a wedding gift. It was the perfect metaphor for our decision to merge two families into one, and we even had uniforms made. At the time, we joked that we could announce our “Number One Draft Pick” when the time came to adopt. Now, we think there’s no better picture for our family because we aren’t the only ones choosing a new teammate: you are, too!