Waiting Parents: Peter and Natalie

How we met:

Separately, we both moved to the area from different states and decided to attend the same Bible Study. It was at a Starbucks and neither of us drink coffee. We have been married for eight years and are now the Sunday School leaders of that same group in our Methodist church.


Both of us work full time in careers that we love. Peter works in network planning for a major cell phone company. Natalie is the hospital therapy department manager and physical therapist mainly serving the NICU.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel


Keelin is a 4 year old who loves dancing, performing, books, puzzles, and princesses.

Why Adopt?

We both desire to have multiple children and were not able to reach that goal after our daughter was born. We also see a big need that we feel called to fill.

What we do:

To escape the Texas heat and the city we often spend time at Possum Kingdom Lake during the summer. Experiencing Wisconsin in the fall for Halloween with family has become a fun tradition. With family all over the Midwest, we travel pretty frequently.

When we are not away we are at church every Sunday. Our church and church family are a big part of our lives.

We like to be active outdoors (zoos, parks, pools, lakes) and spend time with our church group.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel


Peter is interested in photography and playing tennis, while Natalie enjoys attending musicals and socializing with friends. Keelin loves her dance and gymnastics classes.


Thanksgiving is a major production every year that includes 20+ extended family members from 8 states spending the week together. Christmas runs the gamut from big trips skiing or being at the beach to quiet holiday weeks at home.