Waiting Parents: Paul and Tina

We are Paul and Tina.  So glad to “meet” you and tell you a little about us.  We met in 2011 and had an instant connection and haven’t been apart since.  We both had waited a long time to really fall in love and we knew God had finally sent the right one.  When we married we began trying to get pregnant day one.  We saw several doctors and through multiple surgeries found out that we were 100% infertile.  It was a huge blow to us both but after much prayer and time we realized that when God closes a door, He opens a window!  And our window is adoption!  We are so excited to find the little person that God means for us to form a family!

What Tina says about Paul:

Paul is a gentle giant! He’s 6’6” tall and towers over everyone most of the time! Paul is one of the good guys of the world. He may be the most thoughtful person I have ever met. One of the most amazing qualities is his quiet generosity. He is constantly doing for others in this quiet sweet way. He’s a classic oldest child, he’s responsible and stable and the one everyone relies on. He got his MBA and went into banking and has built a great career but now he really wants to focus on having a family. He’s really excited about his 8 week paternity leave! He wants to really be a hands-on dad. During the day sometimes he sends me clips of babies doing funny things or at night we lay in bed and he reads me Amazon reviews of baby products! I know he will be the best dad a kid could ask for and it makes me love him all the more. I could talk about him all day!

What Paul says about Tina:

Tina was born to be a mom! She’s the most loving person I know. Ever since I met her she’s talked about how much she loves children and can’t wait to be a mom. She grew up as a pastor’s daughter and spent all her time working in the nursery or children’s church. She loves Jesus with all her heart and you can see it in her constant smile and her kindness toward people. She’s devoted to her family and you can often find her playing Fortnite with some of her nephews! She’s spent her career as a Buyer and Purchasing Manager for major defense contractor for a many years until we recently decided she should become a stay-at-home wife and hopefully Mom to prepare for the adoption and get the nursery ready! I love a lot of things about her but especially her amazing cooking! I have a beautiful lunch and dinner made for me everyday! She is a strong and caring person. My life has been richer with her by my side.

We have spent the past 8 years together having fun! We have traveled the world and had adventures and became each other’s very best friends. We love our life. We are actively involved in our church where Tina and her brother are the music directors. We travel a lot and we have an RV that we love for weekend excursions! We have a great big supportive family, most of whom are local, that we spend a lot of time with. Everyone can’t wait for the newest family member! We have a wonderful home with room for toys and kids! Now we are so ready to be parents and share this life with the person we know God is sending. We know God has a plan and we trust Him!

We don’t know what it’s like to be in your shoes. It must be the biggest series of hard decisions that life has ever thrown at you. We hope and pray that God leads you in just the right path that brings you peace with whatever decision you make. If we are part of that decision, we promise you that your child would be the center of our home and our love and that he or she would be told about you and your love for them from day 1. We believe open adoption is the best option for an adopted child and we look forward to discussing what that means to you. We believe promises are made to be kept and we will never make a promise lightly. If you make a commitment with us, you can trust that we will keep our end of it!

We wish you all the best in your journey and your decisions. May the Lord bless and keep you, make His face shine upon you and give you peace.