Waiting Parents: Michael and Caitlin

Thank you for considering our family. We met in college and got married in 2010. After getting married we supported each other through graduate school. Caitlin is a counselor and Michael is a lawyer. After we both finished graduate school and started our careers, we had the incredible blessing of adopting our son, Trey through Lifetree. Our family loves being outdoors, sports, and being involved in our community. We also love spending time with our friends and our extended family that are all nearby.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

Caitlin is compassionate and understanding. Caitlin is energetic, organized, and a loyal friend. She loves to run, be outside, and play games. Caitlin is a therapist for children who have endured trauma and loves watching children grow and learn. She is a great mother because of her dedication, creativity, and love.

Michael is a natural leader and is very smart. Michael is a hard worker, a wonderful friend, and is steady and calm. He loves to read, watch movies, and spend time being active. Michael is a lawyer and loves his job. He is a wonderful father because of his playfulness, calm attitude, and servant heart.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

Trey is tenderhearted, curious, and loves to learn. Trey is also always ready to go outside and play at one of the many parks nearby that he has affectionately named the big park, dirt park, squirrel park, and ladybug park. Trey will be a great big brother because he is kind, gentle, and loves to play with others.