Waiting Parents: Meagan and Chris

Hello! We are Meagan, Chris, Cedar, and Cora. Thank you for taking the time to meet our family. We cannot begin to understand the weight of this choice you are walking through, but trust that God is carrying you in this very moment. If you choose us as your child’s parents, we commit to you to raise your child with the utmost love and care. It would be one of the honors of our life to add your little one to our family. We would not take this responsibility lightly but would do everything in our power to provide them a life that would be stable, loving, and caring; a life that would point them to Jesus with everything we have. When they fall and scrape a knee, we will be there to pick them up and comfort them. When they are scared at night, we will be beside them reminding them that mom and dad are here and they have nothing to be afraid of. We will cherish the opportunity you are giving us to raise them and will never neglect this gift.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

About us:

We met in the summer of 2007 while serving together at church camp, became best friends and fell in love. Three years later, we got married and have been married 13 beautiful years. They have been the best years of our lives! We love the outdoors and had a beautiful wedding outside in Dallas. One of the things we love most is being together. That is how our marriage has thrived over these years-quality time together, and quality time as a family. We have 2 children, Cedar and Cora, who are two of God’s greatest gifts to us. If you choose our family your child will be raised with love and care and will be part of a family who has fun together constantly. We love exploring God’s great world together, sharing memories and laughs along the way.

About Meagan:

About Meagan: Meagan was the 2nd of 4 kids growing up. She has an older sister and a younger brother and sister. Her sisters are her best friends, they are a tight knit family. She is kind, loves caring for the people around her and loves to teach her kids about the love of Jesus. After her career as a nurse, she became a stay-at-home mom and believes it is the sweetest and most important job she has ever had. She is passionate about being intentional with the kids and pouring into their education, time spent outdoors, and most importantly developing their faith and character. Meagan loves the outdoors, coffee shops, gardening, adventures, and spending quality time with loved ones. She loves the gift of family and the incredible life it allows.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

About Chirs:

Chris is the youngest of 3 kids in his family. He has two older sisters and remains close to his family. Chris is a Pastor and enjoys going to Dallas Mavericks games, hanging out with his close friends, spending quality time with Meagan and the kids, and raising his family to know and love Jesus. Chris loves great food, hanging out with the family, coffee shops, wood working, creating new things, cooking, and all the adventures of life we can pack in with our crew.

About Cedar & Cora

Cedar is our 7-year-old joyful, sweet little boy. He is a helper, a jokester, a deep thinker, has the kindest heart and is always thinking of others. He loves playing outside, playing video games, inventing new things, using his imagination, reading books with his mom and wrestling with his dad. He is the sweetest older brother to Cora and is a wonderful example to her. He is a helper, a jokester, a deep thinker, and kind with all that he does. Cora is our 4-year-old sweet and sassy little girl. She loves playing with dolls, dressing up as a Disney princess, playing outside, drawing and coloring, baking with mom and playing tag with dad. She is an incredible little sister to Cedar and a great helper around the house. She keeps us all laughing with her sass and adds so much joy to our family.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

Thank you for taking the time to get to know our little family. We don’t take lightly the courageous and difficult decision you are making. Please know we are praying for you as you walk this path. We would love for your child to be a part of our family and join in the memories to be made. If you choose us, please know we will love your child as our own. We will bring them into a family that is loving and caring. We will do everything we can to provide an amazing life for your child. We love you and are so proud of the decision you are making!