Waiting Parents: Kate and Matt

Few would have guessed that chance meeting on a rooftop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia would lead to Kate, an Australian who grew up in Southeast Asia, and Matt, a Texan who whose work took him to Asia for 6 years, falling in love, moving to Texas, getting married, and later seeking to adopt a child. But the world is weird, and God works in mysterious ways, and things that are meant to be are meant to be. We’re Matt and Kate—and we believe that there is someone out there who we are meant to match with, and we’ve been waiting our whole lives to meet them!

As a brief introduction to our lives today, Kate oversees the refugee services programs of a nonprofit organization and Matt is the director of mobile products for a financial company. We live at the center of a vibrant area of Dallas, less than a block from a super-walkable street with tons of shops and restaurants. We have two dogs, Piper and Samson, that we are absolutely obsessed with. We love travelling, trying new restaurants, hanging out with friends and family, and binging shows (of course). Kate’s family still lives in Australia but her mother visits frequently and Matt’s parents, brother, niece, and nephew are all within a short drive.

Finally, we’d like to give you a glimpse at who we will be as parents. While there are many unknowns, we can confidently commit to the following: we will invest in our child, making their interests our own and encouraging them to be who they are meant to be; we will teach our child that they are part of a global community, and will show them the world in the process; we will inspire them to make a difference in the world and leave it a better place than they found it; and we will raise them in openness and honesty, their special purpose in the world and the courage of their birthmother.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. If you’d like to know more, please request our adoption portfolio. We’d love the opportunity to get to know you.