Waiting Parents: Josh and Lindsey

We are Josh, Lindsey, and Everett and Scout (our mini Aussie). We started dating in 2009 (when we were 17 & 18 years old) and have been married since 2013. We love our people. Both our families live close and we have a tight knit community of friends who are praying for our growing family.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

Josh owns his own appraisal business. Lindsey is an instructional coach (coaches teachers) at the elementary level. Everett just turned three and LOVES Mother’s Day Out preschool! Scout is six years old and knows how to count by barking. We love all things outdoors: the lake, the zoo, the Dallas Arboretum, camping, biking, and even eating and playing outdoors. We love to host events at our house: birthday parties, game nights, dinners, play dates, and holiday events.

Adoption has always been on our hearts. (Lindsey’s maternal grandmother is adopted.) After having our son, we felt called to adopt! We promise to play on the floor, laugh out loud, comfort, dance in the kitchen, teach, nurture, and love your sweet baby whole heartedly! We will teach her how to be independent and strong and love others like Jesus does! We pray for you and your sweet baby daily. Thank you for allowing and trusting us to raise your little girl.

We are eagerly awaiting to grow our family.