Waiting Parents: Hope and Kyle

Thank you. Thank you for giving your child life. Thank you for being brave. Thank you for even considering us to raise your child. We admire and respect you.

We are Kyle and Hope. We have two biological children and do not struggle with fertility issues, so we might be a bit unique in this adoption world. We are both Christians, and intend to raise our children in a Christian home. From the time we started dating and discussing marriage, we also discussed adopting one day. We both love kids, and knew we wanted to have children, both biologically and through adoption. We feel strongly that God is a huge fan and supporter of adoption, and we are so excited to watch His handiwork unfold as He brings Birth Mama, child, and our family together.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

More about us

Kyle is 27 years old. He is 6ft. 1in. tall. He has brown hair and brown eyes. Hope is 26 years old. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She is 5ft. short. We met each other as freshman in college in 2009. We were married three years later in the summer of 2012. We both share a love for reading, though Kyle is the avid reader. We enjoy being outdoors, watching movies with sweet and salty snacks, and simply spending time having fun together at home as a family.

Gideon and Owen are our two biological sons. They are the constant sunshine in our lives. Gideon is loving, caring, sensitive, silly, fun, and empathetic. Owen is sweet, snuggly, happy, and loves to be around his family. We love watching Gideon and Owen’s relationship grow as brothers, and are so excited to see them welcome another sibling to the family.

Tank was our first baby, as he joined the family about a year before Gideon was born. We all love him dearly and he is the best big dog brother a kid could ask for!