Waiting Parents: Hilari and Jonathan

Thank you so much for reading this and considering our family for the honor of loving and shepherding this precious life.
Loving. Sacrificial. Humble. Giving.
These are the words that come to mind when we think about you.
Thank you for humbly carrying this child within yourself in order for him or her to be allowed life- and we pray a great life.

We met senior year of high school in a church youth group and became good friends. We started dating a year later and got married the year after that. We have 3 kids, Leland (6), Karis (4), and Josie (2). We have always wanted a large family, 4 kids always seemed to be the number in both our hearts, and adoption was always discussed within that plan. Right after Josie was born God made it very clear to us both that our next child would be through adoption.

Jonathan works as a nurse in a pediatric ICU and Hilari has her nursing license also, but has joyfully embraced stay-at-home-mom as her full time job. The souls of our children are the only eternal thing, money and possessions don’t last, so we make it a priority to invest in the hearts of our kids which is a big reason Hilari stays home with them and can be actively involved with each one.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

We are a family that loves time together and having fun. We frequent the local zoo and have a tradition of always going to the State Fair. We love to go camping in our pop-out trailer with other families and spend time outdoors riding bikes or going on a hike. We like game nights and having friends over for dinner. We are involved in our church and are so thankful to be in one who shares the mission of racial reconciliation and discipleship for families.

We’re blessed to have family nearby who are involved with and love our kids. We also have family in other states who we get to visit and spend time exploring new places.

Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about our family. We’ve been praying for you and we are thankful that we have a God who listens.

The Barr Family
Jonathan, Hilari, Leland, Karis, and Josie