Waiting Parents: Erin and Michael

Erin and MichaelErin and Michael

We are Michael and Erin and we have two sons, Jacob and Isaac. We are ready to expand our family and give our unconditional love through the miracle of adoption! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. Even though we do not know you yet, we have a great amount of respect and admiration for you. We have faith that you will make the best choices for your child out of love, courage, and selflessness. We hope by looking at our photos and reading about our lives, you will find comfort in knowing how much we want to share our lives with your child.

Michael and I have always known that we wanted a family. After several years of struggling with infertility, we felt the Lord leading us toward adoption and we adopted our boys Jacob and Isaac from Russia in 2003. We now feel that same calling again and know that growing our family in love is the right choice for us. We can’t wait to learn more about you and the dreams you have for your child.

Erin and MichaelErin and Michael

More about Erin

AGE: 39
HEIGHT: 5’2″
EYES: green/gray
HAIR: Light brown
BORN: Dallas, TX

EDUCATION: BA in English & Writing
WORK: Stay at home mom
LIKES: antiques, crochet, scrapbooking, old photos, family tree research
DISLIKES: alien movies & roller coasters

Erin is very caring, creative, and giving. She always finds a way to help others. She’s thoughtful and considerate. Erin loves spending time together with our family and making sure we are taken care of. She keeps our family organized and enjoys planning fun things for us to do. She likes to make us laugh by changing the words to songs and always has a smile on her face. Her cookie baking skills can’t be beat. She is my best friend.
~ Michael

More about Michael

AGE: 40
EYES: blue
HAIR: brown
BORN: Garland, TX

EDUCATION: BS in Biology & Computer Science
WORK: Software engineer
LIKES: playing golf, watching football, watching movies, Dallas Cowboys, yard work & tinkering with projects
DISLIKES: snakes & musical theater

Michael is the most patient and hard working person I know. He always does the right thing and is the rock of our family. He is the type of man who doesn’t talk all the time but when he does, people stop and listen to him. Michael is very intelligent and caring. He is a really good cook and super smart about money. He is always willing to spend time with me and with the boys. Michael is my soul mate.
~ Erin

More about Jacob

AGE: 14
HEIGHT: 5’6″
EYES: brown
HAIR: brown
BORN: Russia

EDUCATION: 9th grade
LIKES: airplanes, coin collecting, reading, watching TV, Dallas Cowboys, playing football, Legos
DISLIKES: writing & meatloaf

Jacob is kind-hearted and caring. He is very loyal to his friends and as the big brother, he is very protective of his family. He enjoys playing football and basketball, watching TV and movies, and knows everything about airplanes. Jacob has started coin collecting and has dreams of learning to fly an airplane one day. He can’t wait to be a big brother again.

More about Isaac

AGE: 13
HEIGHT: 5’4″
EYES: green/gray
HAIR: light brown
BORN: Russia

EDUCATION: 8th grade
LIKES: playing cello, art projects, funny movies, making us laugh, listening to music, reading & technology
DISLIKES: scary movies & country music

Isaac lights up any room he walks into. He is strong and thoughtful and loves all animals. He is very artistic and creative. He’s always listening to his music and coming up with ideas and inventions. Isaac loves to keep us entertained by making us laugh or by telling us interesting facts and trivia. He is very excited to be an older brother.

We’ve got pets, too!


Andy is 9 years old and weighs 18 lbs. He’s an American Shorthair and he is very sweet. Any time we leave the house, he is always waiting for us at the door when we get home. He loves to carry around his stuffed white duck and he puts it near us like a gift. His favorite time of year is Christmas – when he climbs to the top of our Christmas tree!


Scooty is 6 years old and weighs 8 lbs. He is a Ragamuffin cat and loves to be held. He likes to ‘talk’ a lot and follows us around the house. He has a dark gray spot on one foot that looks like a hole in his sock! If we tap the floor with his brush and say “Brush your pretty hair?” he comes running for his hair to get brushed. Scooty also loves to play ‘fetch mouse’ with his stuffed mouse – he catches it like a dog.

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Our Story and Hopes For Adoption

We met at college and started dating in 1995. We got engaged in 1996, then got married in 1998.

We adopted Jacob and Isaac from Russia at the same time when they were babies. They came from the same city, but from different birth families. They are amazing! We are very proud of them and we embrace their heritage and their stories.

We have wanted to grow our family by adoption for years now, and we are committed to raising our children in a loving Christian home where Erin will continue to be a stay at home mom.

We would love to get to know you if that is something you are comfortable with. If you are thinking about an open adoption, we want you to know we are definitely open to that. If you would like to meet us, we would love to meet you and spend some time together. However, if you are looking for more of a closed adoption, we certainly respect your privacy. Please know our door will always be open to you. You are part of our family.