Waiting Parents: Dawn and Brett

Hi! You don’t know us but you’ve been in our thoughts for some time. We’re Brett and Dawn and we’re parents to our amazing adopted son, Zane. We cannot wait to welcome another child to our family. We are in awe of your courage and understand the love you have for your baby. It’s an honor to be considered!

A little about us. We met shortly after college, have been together ever since and married almost 15 years. We have a happy home which also includes our sweet pups, Molly and Skippy. We greatly value kindness and respect for all people and work hard to teach our son to do the same. We love all things nature and our favorite is a day at the beach! Galveston is our happy place and we spend many summer days in the sand and waves. We keep ourselves active, spending time with family (most of whom are within a few miles), friends, and neighbors.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

Dawn is warm and nurturing and loves caring for others, including her family. She is passionate about animals and devotes herself to caring for the environment, working in her garden and learning ways to lessen our impact. She works in the communications department for our church and absolutely loves her job. She also likes to be creative and find fun projects to do with Zane.

Brett loves being a husband and a father and is not afraid to show it – he is always looking for a reason to celebrate and create new traditions with his family! When he’s not working (he is an attorney) or spending time at home grilling or relaxing outside, he and Dawn enjoy volunteering time for local charities, including those for children and adults with disabilities and challenging illnesses.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

Zane is an incredibly active and happy little boy! Every day is a new adventure (usually involving Legos, toy soldiers or water balloons, ha!). He also is very kind and empathetic and likes to spend quiet time building things or playing outside. He’s a great athlete and has been playing baseball since he was 3. He is very eager to be a big brother!