Waiting Parents: David and Claire

We are very thankful for you and are honored you would consider us as adoptive parents to your child. We are thrilled to begin our second adoption journey! Your strength and courage are extremely admirable as you make an adoption plan and we know it is a true testament to the wonderful woman you are. Thank you for considering us and thank you for helping our dreams come true.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

We are Claire and David and we have been married since 2009. Claire is from Texas and David considers himself a “mutt” from all over the South. We have a strong relationship and have built a life full of love, loyalty, laughter and adventure.

Claire is compassionate, understanding, calm, funny, supportive, reliable, and loving. David is a natural leader, and he is very responsible, caring, loving, organized, gives good hugs, tells good jokes and enjoys the outdoors. We have a lot in common as we both love to be with family, cook, watch sunsets, go to the beach and mountains, listen to music, go fishing, entertain friends, travel. We have built a wonderful life!

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

Our son Everest was born in 2019. He is super silly and calls himself the “joke meister”. He is very loving, curious, playful and really wants to be a big brother! We have 3 sweet pups whom all love to snuggle and give kisses. Our house is a happy house with lots going on between our son and all the dogs!

We know there is more room in our hearts for another child and we are excited for the day we can grow our family through adoption. Thank you for considering us!