Waiting Parents: Corey and Alyson

Hi! We are Alyson and Corey. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We know that you are making one of the biggest decisions you will ever face, and we are humbled that you are giving us consideration. We are praying for you as you start this journey.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

We waited a long time to meet each other, and our story is a perfect illustration of God’s timing! We didn’t meet until our late 30s when Alyson was 36, and Corey was 39. We were initially introduced by a mutual friend, but it wasn’t until February 2020 that God brought us back together through a dating website. We married nine months after our first date (ok, our second first date), on December 19, 2020. We have both always wanted to be parents, and we actually spoke about adoption while we were dating and still getting to know one another. After we married, it soon became clear that adoption was on our hearts for a reason. We are so excited to watch God’s plans unfold!

Corey works in the Aviation industry, and Alyson is a teacher. We both love our jobs and are blessed that they are very family friendly. Corey can work from home when he needs to, and Alyson has holidays and summers off. We live with our lab, Teddy, in a suburb of Dallas. We love to travel, and have had the opportunity to visit a lot of amazing places. Alyson has been to all 50 states, and was finally able to check off Hawaii and Alaska with Corey. Corey has been to 35 and counting. We can’t wait to include our child on our adventures and show them our favorite places. We are excited to find theirs!

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

We both come from close knit families, and our faith is very important to us. We were both raised in the Baptist church, but attend a non-denominational church together. We believe in living a Christ-centered life and will raise our children to know that they were made by God, they are loved by God, and He sent His only Son to die for them.

We want them to always know they are loved by you, loved by us, and loved by God. We thank you for taking the time to get to know us!