Waiting Parents: Ben and Sharon

Greetings.  We are the Nelson’s, Benjamin and Sharon.  We first met in college in 2002, and over the next year or so kept in touch electronically over the next year or so.  We started formally dating in late 2003 and got married in August 2004.  The first few years were a challenge as we dealt with the differing, and sometimes colliding, cultural expectations of a mixed-ethnicity marriage … and some health challenges.  By God’s Grace we’ve overcome those and grown closer together through them.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

Sharon is a recently certified Nurse Aid seeking a position that will give her a good starting point in that career path, and also has a small but growing business as an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay. Benjamin is an established Business Software Developer currently working for Veteran’s United Home Loans, and helping run our church’s Audio/Video ministry on Sundays and for some special events.

Both of us enjoy travel, new foods, and thrill rides.  Our “bucket list” includes a trip together to India, one to Alaska (provided we can get her a warm enough coat 🙂 ), and a visit to Busch Gardens and Cedar Point.  When hanging out with friends we enjoy bowling, laser tag, escape rooms, and sometimes paintball.  Oh, and, Ben here, someday I’ll convince her to go camping with me…

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

We’re pursuing adoption because we both strongly believe this should be a viable option for any birth parents that feels they are not prepared to raise children yet, and applaud those that choose this over what society increasingly promotes. We also love children and want to be able to raise our own, but for the foreseeable future it is too much of a health risk for Sharon to carry a child, both for her and for the child.

Thank for for considering us.
Khuda Hafiz (The LORD Be With You)