Waiting Parents: Anne and Marshall

Hello! Although we have not yet been introduced, we already admire you greatly. The path you have chosen is one of ultimate selflessness and sacrifice, driven by faith and love. We cannot begin to imagine what you are feeling at this time, but we would be honored if you would consider us to be the adoptive parents of your baby.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

We’re Anne and Marshall from Houston, TX, and we met in April 2017 through online dating. We clicked from our first date ($3 tacos!) and married in 2019. In our four years together, we’ve supported each other through job transitions, heartbreaking losses, and other significant challenges. We’ve had plenty to celebrate, as well! We enjoy spending time together with family, friends, and our precious pup, MacLaine. We love to travel and look forward to exploring the world with our children one day! We also appreciate our days at home, catching up on our favorite tv shows (if it’s a Saturday in the fall, college football!), attending church, and gathering with our pals for a meal on a Houston restaurant patio. We genuinely enjoy life and try to live it to the fullest.

Anne grew up in Birmingham, AL and is a proud third-generation graduate of Auburn University. She moved to Houston in 2007 and works from home for a non-profit that advocates for people with special needs. Marshall grew up in the Texas hill country, outside of San Antonio. His parents, sister, and he all attended Texas Tech. Me moved to Houston in 2009 to pursue a career in aviation. He is currently a Captain for a respected commercial airline. We are both blessed to have a lot of flexibility within our careers as we prepare to enter parenthood.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

Why we want to adopt

When we knew our relationship was destined for marriage, we began talking about our future family. Due to a birth defect, Anne knew from a young age she would pursue motherhood through adoption. Thankfully, Marshall, as the most supportive partner, quickly embraced this road to building a family wholeheartedly. We trust this is God’s plan for us and are so excited to be on this journey together. We come from close-knit families and are eager to start one of our own. We plan to raise two children through the gift of adoption.

What we love about each other

From Anne: Marshall is kind, loyal, and thoughtful. He’s also a GREAT cook! He’s lighthearted and fun, which will make him a super dad. Kids adore him!

From Marshall: Anne is a wonderful wife and friend. I am inspired by her dedication to helping people. Anne encourages me to realize my goals, even when I lose sight of the finish line. She is going to be a great mom!

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

Our promise to you

We promise to faithfully love your child with all our hearts. They will be the center of our universe and our top priority. We promise to offer them the best opportunities we can, including a first-rate education. They will be raised in a Christian-focused and joy-filled home, where they will be loved, supported, and honored for their individuality. They will always know that their birth mother is an amazing and selfless woman who loves them very, very much.