Waiting Parents: Anastasia and Geoff

Greetings! We are Geoff and Anastasia and we’d like to thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about us. We have been happily married for almost nine years. We both met at college on April Fools’ Day, fell in love at first sight and have not been apart since then. Early on in our relationship we first started discussing the possibility of adopting a baby, since Geoff was adopted by his parents as a baby. We did not know then that some health issues would make having a child extremely difficult. We keep praying that God would somehow bless us with a baby to love and nourish.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

We enjoy camping and hiking with our dog Argos. We also love to travel all over the world to experience different cultures and new foods: recently we went to Italy and Israel. Some of our favorite moments are when we spend time with our nieces and nephew. We are the godparents to two of our nieces and we absolutely cherish those little ones. We both love to read and play with them.

10 Things Anastasia loves about Geoff:

  • He makes the best jokes and tells the best stories.
  • Everyone loves his personality.
  • He works so hard.
  • He gives big bear hugs.
  • He cheerfully helps around the house.
  • He’s dependable.
  • He always takes care of me.
  • He’s a perfect travel buddy.
  • He’s loyal.
  • He’s a natural with children.
Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

10 Things Geoff loves about Anastasia:

  • Her laugh
  • Her cooking
  • Her work ethic
  • Her willingness to help others
  • How she makes our nieces and nephew laugh
  • How much she loves family
  • Her passion and intelligence
  • Her patience
  • Her faith
  • Her kisses

We plan to raise our child in a Christian home where their spiritual growth is paramount. We attend church every Sunday. Anastasia also teaches at the K-12 school attached to the church, so your child will attend a Christ-centered classical school where faith and education are central to a child’s growth.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

We own our own home in Houston in a safe and family-friendly community. We live close to several parks and places we explore with our nieces and nephews. We have plenty of room in our house and we are already getting a room ready for a baby. Anastasia’s parents live close by and they cannot wait for another little one to join the family. Geoff’s parents and sister live in Chicago and we all make an effort to get together several times a year.

We promise to always love and cherish your baby just as Christ loves and cherishes us. We promise to sacrifice our time and energy to give your baby the best start in life. Your baby will never want for anything and their needs will be met each and every day. As your child grows older, we will always share the legacy of you, your family, and the brave choice you made to choose life for your baby.