Waiting Parents: Amy and Ryan

We thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us and our lives. Know that although we don’t know you personally yet you have been on our minds and we have been praying for you and the decisions that you are making. Adoption is a tough road and we want you to know that whatever happens we want the best for you and your child. We have always dreamed about being parents and having a child to raise in our fun and loving home. You are doing the most loving thing that any mother can ever do by making the choice to do what you think is the best for your child. I know you are dreaming of what you want your baby’s future to look like, and we hope that you see us in it. We are very excited to be adopting, and we have so much love to share with this child. We feel like it’s God’s plan for us to meet you and bring this baby into a world where it is surrounded by all of our love.Please always know we will unconditionally love and cherish your child and we will make sure that he or she will be proud to be adopted.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

We’ve been married now for 11 years and honestly still have so much fun together. We truly are best friends. Even in the hard times we work to always hear each other’s point of view and treat each other with love and respect.

Together we love to go on road trips, go camping, explore new parts of our city, go to the movies, or try out new restaurants. At home we love to take our dog for walks down to the lake, cook and grill together, or just hang out catching up on our week or planning our next vacation. We love having friends and family over for game nights and to watch Astros baseball on the projector that Ryan sets up in the yard.

We are both happy to have stable jobs that we love! Ryan is in sales with a roofing company and enjoys the flexibility of making his own schedule, taking our dog to work if he wants, and working from home much of the time. Amy is a counselor at an elementary school helping counsel and teach character education. She also leads a pre-teen girls running club that focuses on building confidence and leadership skills.

We’ve always envisioned our life with a child, but due to unexplained infertility we have yet to be able to have children naturally. It took meeting with different specialists and undergoing numerous fertility treatments for almost 9 years before realizing that adoption is our path!

We absolutely love our little neighborhood! We live with our two dogs Johnny and Cooper is a cute single story home in a historic little city right across the street from NASA Johnson Space Center 20 miles south of Houston.

Our house is walking (or biking) distance to several parks and the lake. We love taking our friends & their kiddos down to the park to feed the ducks and see the baby geese. Our neighborhood is one where people help and watch out for each other. Kids play outside and families ride their bikes (or take their golf carts) all around the neighborhood. People walk their dogs and actually stop to talk to each other because they care about each other. We feel so lucky call many of our neighbors true friends. Our neighborhood has so many fun events for families too, including a neighborhood-wide water gun fight on July 4th and a massive snow festival for Christmas. Easter, Halloween, Fourth of July, and Christmas are the biggest events and Amy works with the Special Events committee to help plan them all.

What Ryan says about Amy

Amy and I have been together for close to 14 years and married for 11 of those years. Even after all that time spent together there is still no other woman on this Earth that could make me feel as happy or as loved as she does. Amy’s warm inviting personality combined with her compassion for helping others makes her not only the perfect spouse for me but also an amazing elementary school counselor. She really is the perfect role model for her students and is always teaching them about building good character and supporting those around you. As her husband, I know that she would love to one day be able to teach those same life lessons to a child of our own. It’s been a long tough road for both of us dealing with infertility, but the flip side is that it has also brought us closer to each other than ever before. She is my rock, my beautiful better half, and the only person I want to walk through the good and bad times with!

What Amy says about Ryan

Ryan is a wonderful husband and partner to me because he is strong in areas where I am weak. He is always gathering our friends and neighbors together or planning fun date nights for the two of us. I love how he is always reaching out to people that we love to stay connected. Our friends’ kids LOVE when Ryan is around because he always takes time to play with them and seems to somehow be able to match their endless energy. He takes care of me in big ways, like his dedication to his job and working to provide stability for us as a family, but he also takes care of me is small ways too. Since he is an early riser I sometimes wake up to find that he has made me breakfast or washed my car or mowed the lawn! Some weekends he takes our dog on a ride to go get breakfast for us and we eat it on our screened in porch watching a movie in our pajamas. Those are things that I know he wants to share with a child but right now he is a father without a baby to love as his own. I can’t wait for him to have a little partner to love, care for, teach… and take to get donuts on Saturday mornings!

We love to travel together! Our favorite trips are driving to Colorado in the summer to a beautiful little town they call “the Switzerland of America”. Along with our Colorado trips we have also traveled together to Seattle, Canada, Hawaii, New York City and most recently Croatia! We also like to take weekend trips to visit friends or family in other towns across Texas (especially Galveston, Austin, and Dallas) and going camping.

We are both happy to have stable jobs that we love! Ryan is in sales with a roofing company and enjoys the flexibility of making his own schedule, taking our dog to work if he wants, and working from home much of the time. Amy is a counselor at an elementary school helping counsel and teach character education.

We are so lucky to be surrounded by some many great friends & family and a very supportive church small group. We are close with friends from elementary school, high school, college and many that we have met right here in our little community. Many of our friends are either expecting or have small children and they can’t wait for us to have a baby to join in on the play dates! Our neighbors have become some of our closest friends, and we have a lot of people that want to be a part of our baby’s life!