Waiting Parents: Amy and Jared

Why we want to adopt

We know our family is not yet complete! We love children and cannot imagine going through life without having a child to love. While we know we are unable to have children biologically, we knew that adoption was the right choice for us. We have a very happy life, but know that a baby would bring even more joy into our family. Our friends and family are so excited for us to become parents through the miracle of adoption!

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

Our Hobbies

We enjoy spending time together and cuddling with our dog! We are passionate about traveling and exploring new places. Spending time with our friends and families is incredibly important to both of us. Jared can be found exercising or watching his favorite football and basketball teams. Amy is often baking (cupcakes are her favorite!) or making quilts. She’s saving specific fabric she purchased years ago for a baby quilt.

Amy says…

Jared is caring, warm-hearted and friendly. What differentiates Jared from others is his passion for life and positive personality. He always looks to the bright side of life and has a cheerful attitude. Jared is passionate and motivated. He is my best friend and always there to join me in celebrating happy times and support me during challenging times. Jared’s often on the phone with his parents sharing stories about the day’s activities. He works in a finance role at a hospitality company and has his MBA. Most importantly, I can’t wait to watch him be a dad. He’s not afraid to be silly – he’s been working on perfecting his “Dad Jokes” and “Dad Dancing” for a long time!

Jared says…

Amy is very nurturing and passionate. She strives to do her best every day in both her career and as a wife and friend. She attacks life with enthusiasm and has an infectious laugh. She is supportive and is always helping others. Amy is a CPA and while she’s dedicated to her job, she is more dedicated to her family. Amy loves creating family traditions. I enjoy watching her spend time with her niece and spoiling her, too. Her baking and crafting skills will come in handy when she’s a mom!

Our pawfect prince

We share our lives with our adorable dog, Reston. He’s a giant teddy bear who loves to eat peanut butter and snuggle with us! He’s never far from us when we’re home and enjoys car rides. He does very well around kids of all ages, especially when they drop food for him to eat!

Home sweet home…

We live across the street from a big park in a gated community. It has a big great walking/biking trail and we can often be seen walking our dog, Reston there. Our community is kid-friendly with lots of families with small children nearby with small children.

Our Promise…

We promise to provide unconditional love to your baby. We also promise to offer your child all of the opportunities life has to offer and support their dreams. We promise to be their number one fan. Thank you for considering us to become the adoptive parents of your baby.