Waiting Parents: Adam and Sarah

Hi Mama,

Have you ever just known certain things about your life, before they took place? Maybe it is a trip you knew you would take, or a school you would attend – before you even applied. For us, that “for certain” has always been adoption. Just a few months into us dating, we were already discussing adoption as a plan to grow our future family. We were that certain!

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

Our story began in 2004, where we met in college over a game of Jenga. After six years of dating and a move from small town Colorado to big city San Diego (and back again), we were married in 2010, and in 2019 we welcomed our son Oliver.

Adam is currently a CFO and Sarah is an IT Director for a university. Sarah has flexibility in her job and works from home, with alternate hours, two days a week so that she can spend more time with Oliver. The other three days, he attends the most amazing child care (no, seriously, she’s the best!).

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

During our free time, as a family, we love to read (Little Blue Truck anyone?), play outside, hike, travel, and visit family. We value culture, traditions, education, and new experiences. We believe in trying things at least once, and always giving your all. We trust God with all our hearts and we trust in His plan.

Ideally, we would enter into a closed or semi-closed relationship and as the child/ren get older, an open relationship to be established. We currently have a semi-closed relationship and send pictures and updates through LifeTree and a personalized app. We are seeking this type of relationship so there is no jealousy between the siblings or questions as to why one relationship is different than another.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

We know that adoption is hard and so special at the same time. We understand that this decision is not taken lightly.

With our love and surrounding your in prayers,
Adam, Sarah and Oliver