Waiting Parents: Trish and Scot

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our profile – we hope it gives you a peek into who we are and into what your baby’s life might be like with us as well. Scot and I met a few years before we started dating, and as they say, timing is everything.  Once the timing was right for us, it was quite a whirlwind! We were married a year and a half later, in 2011, with all of our friends and family with us and it was simply the best day ever. Soon after we were married, we found out we were pregnant with our daughter, Coryn, and we were simply over the moon. We wanted to have a big family so we started trying to get pregnant immediately and we thank God we were blessed so quickly.

When we found out later that we were not able to have another baby, we were devastated but we were not ready to give up on giving Coryn a little brother or sister. We think family is more than genetics and we have so much love to give another baby, so we decided that we wanted to pursue adoption. We can’t wait to have another baby to love and cherish and our daughter, Coryn, can’t wait to be a big sister! We promise your baby will be raised in a loving, fun, and supportive home and we will always be grateful for your sacrifice.

About Scot, by Trish

Scot is truly my best friend in life and such a dedicated family man. He is the ultimate optimist and always believes things are going to work out. He has such a big heart and loves to teach and show our daughter new and fun things. He looks forward to doing the same for our future baby. He has a steady and consistent nature about him that makes him a great father and friend; I can always count on him and I thank God for him every day. On the weekends you can find Scot working in the yard, whether he is mowing, weeding, or planting new plants. He enjoys the hard work and seeing the fruits of his labor literally come to life. He enjoys having people over and he is a master at the grill; we eat very well around our house! Scot is also an avid reader and such an interesting person to talk to; he can always come up with some random trivia to keep the conversation interesting and he will literally talk to anyone.

About Trish, By Scot

Trish has an innate motherhood that is fascinating and beautiful to watch. This high-level desire to nurture is one of the biggest drivers for her to want another baby for our family, and she has so much to give. Trish is the person that gets weepy eyed if a touching commercial comes on, and although I like to make fun, it is what makes her so special and a great mother. Trish works full-time so when the weekend comes, she really makes the most of the time she has with Coryn. You will find the two of them running off to the pool to swim, in the kitchen baking treats, or just watching a movie together. She is truly dedicated to Coryn, our family, and our home. Family is the highest priority for her, and this comes across immediately when you get to know her. Her hobbies include working out, baking, and home decorating projects. She makes a killer cheesecake and is always ready to bake some chocolate chip cookies, which I don’t mind eating one bit. She is so excited at the prospect of becoming a Mommy again, and she can’t wait for the chance to decorate the new nursery.

Meet Coryn

Coryn is a happy, sweet little girl who is full of energy. She is always ready to play and easily finds friends to play with at the park or wherever there are other kids. She loves listening and singing along to all kinds of music, and she loves helping her Daddy when he is outside working in the yard. Some of her favorite things to do at home are riding her bike/scooter, watering the plants, playing with the dogs, and watching the Disney movie of the moment over and over again. She currently takes dance, gymnastics, and soccer but she says she likes gymnastics the best. She is full of curiosity and laughter, and we are so blessed to be her Mommy and Daddy. We think she will be such a sweet big sister, and we can’t wait to see that happen!