Waiting Parents: Lindsay and Matthew

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us, we are Lindsay and Matthew. We feel so honored to have the opportunity to grow our family through adoption. Though we do not know you yet, we want you to know how much we truly respect and admire your decision to create an adoption plan for your child.  We know your decision is made out of love, courage, and selflessness and no matter whom you choose as adoptive parents, know that we are praying for you.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

We have been together for five and half years, and married for three years. Becoming parents has always been a dream and huge desire for us, especially Lindsay. Adoption is something that Matthew has always been interested in pursuing since before we were even married, through prayer and many conversations Lindsay began to feel the Lord calling them to adoption as well. Once we began researching, we were immediately drawn to Lifetree and quickly knew this was the place for us.

Matthew is originally from Mississippi, while Lindsay grew up in the DFW metroplex. Matthew’s family still lives in Mississippi, and we enjoy going to visit as often as possible, especially around holidays and during the summer. Lindsay’s family is in the Dallas area and we see them often. Having members on both side of our families that were adopted we have seen first hand what a blessing adoption can be for a child and all parties involved. We are very fortunate to have great support systems from both of our families, and they are so excited for us as we begin our adoption journey. As a couple we enjoy reading, cooking, watching movies, spending time with friends and family, going on new adventures and traveling. We both share a love for Disney World in Orlando, Florida and try to take at least one trip a year there. This is a tradition we are extremely excited to continue as we grow our family.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

Matthew is very hard working, always puts his friends and family first, and is always making those around him laugh. Lindsay loves to take care of those closest to her and has a very nurturing spirit. We live in a quiet suburb north of Dallas in a great neighborhood. There are tons of kiddos around to play with, and we are within walking distance to two parks and our local elementary school. We also have two cats – Mittens & Nala who can’t wait to be big sisters!

We hope this gives you a little bit more of an understanding of who we are as a couple. Should we be chosen as adoptive parents to your child we promise that we will always love your child unconditionally, provide a safe and loving home, and your child will always know the love of Jesus. Thank you again for taking time to learn more about us, we can’t wait to meet you and wish all of God’s blessings for you.