Waiting Parents: Kristen and John

Thank you for considering us and for spending a little of your time learning about our life together. We truly hope you will see the love and happiness that we share with each other and wish to share with a child. We also hope for the chance to share our love and support with you. We can’t imagine how difficult this journey has been for you, and we will always honor and respect your decisions. We know that you are working to build a beautiful life for your child, and we would be honored if you chose us to accompany you on this journey. Our only hope is what is best for you and your baby.

Why We’re Adopting 

We are so very excited to be parents. We have wanted to take care of, have fun with, teach, and grow with our child for several years. We want to share our love and our family with a child who needs us. Whoever that child is, we know they are out there, and we cannot wait to meet them!

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

About us

We met when we were both in college, have been together for 14 years, and married for ten this summer. Both of us took full-time jobs to help pay for our education, and as luck would have it, we picked the same workplace. Although we’ve both moved on from that job, we’ve been together ever since.

Kristen is compassionate, friendly, kind, and passionate. She loves the outdoors, travel, exercise, reading, tv, and movies. She is the kind of person who would go out of her way to help a stranger.

John is empathetic, kind, funny, and friendly. He spends his days teaching eighth-grade English in the public school system. He loves his students, and he is charmed by them every day. They make his workdays worthwhile.

Our life together

John and Kristen believe that life is all about experiences. That could mean traveling to a new country or just down the street to a park. We love going out and making our life memorable. As long as we’re together, and we’re having fun, we are happy!

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

Our promise

We will always honor you as an important and loving mother in your child’s life. We promise to let your child know who and where they came from. As best we can, we will raise them to be a loving, caring, and successful adult. We will tell them how much you loved them to make this decision, and we will love them unconditionally.