Waiting Parents: Kelly and Marcelo

Hey! We are Kelly and Marcelo from Texas. We are a fun-loving, faithful family with so much love to give! We have three children, Evelyn (8), Wendy (5), and Daniel (3) and we are hopeful and excited to grow our family through adoption.

We recognize that you are taking time to educate yourself on all your options and make the best decision for you and your child. We support and admire your courage to do what you think is best. We truly would love to get to know you.

We hope to have a genuine connection with our child’s first family throughout his or her life. As parents, we have learned that the more people that love our child the better. We desire to raise this child saturated in love and celebrated for who they are! We hope for their birth family to be an important part of that, if that is what you choose.

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

Marcelo and I have been married for 10 years, together for 16 years, but friends since elementary school. Together we love hiking, live music, food, date nights, family vacations, and the ocean. We thrive being parents and it truly fits both of our gifts. We desire to have a family full of laughter, forgiveness, and shared adventures! Our hearts opened to adoption before having our biological children, and then after hard and scary pregnancies we knew that God was again directing us to adoption to grow our family.

I (Kelly) love to play the piano, bake, be outside, laugh with girlfriends, and teach our kids new things. After getting a masters in counseling and working as a child counselor, I am now a full-time stay at home mom and love hanging with my kids. Marcelo loves grilling, Mavs basketball, yard work, hiking and is super techy. Marcelo works from home as a User Experience Design leader and is an incredibly involved, gentle, and snuggly Daddy. We make it a point to have special dates with each child, create quality time throughout the day, and love to celebrate birthdays big and all the mini moments in between. We always find a reason to make cookies or have a dance party to celebrate life!

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

Here are our three wonderful kids! Evelyn is 8 years old, loves climbing trees, is artistic, and little children love her. Wendy is 5 years old, she is obsessed with pandas, is bubbly, and is a friend to all. Danny is 3 years old, loves playing outside, dancing, and reading books. They are all ready, arms and hearts opened, to love a sibling! They call our future baby our “star” because we all look forward to obsessing over them and showering this little star with love.

We have so much more we would like to show in our profile book or talk about with you, but what matters most to us is that if you chose adoption and if you chose us, your child would grow up knowing they are fully loved as they are. We want them to have diverse joyful experiences, protect them from harm, and give them opportunities to find their gifts! And while we will love this child as our own and offer them so much, this precious person wouldn’t even exist without you. We can’t wait to learn about all the things that make them who they are.

We are praying for you. For your clarity of mind, for peace in your heart, for God to comfort you in this complicated hard time, and for you to have hope for your future.

Marcelo, Kelly, Evelyn, Wendy and Daniel