Waiting Parents: Jaclyn and Joe

Hi! We’re Jaclyn, Joe, and Savannah Susa! Thank you so much for taking a moment to learn about us. We love our little family but think it would be great to grow it a little larger. Unfortunately, like so many, we’ve been through a long journey of infertility which left us feeling hopeless. However, with there being so many creative ways to make a family we decided that the desire to have a family was more important to us than being able to have “our” own biologic baby. We were blessed to have one daughter via an egg donor, but despite surrogates, and other creative options, we decided adoption was the most likely path to have a full home where children can play together, rather than our daughter being an only child. We have an awesome home full of love and are looking forward to growing it!

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

We live in a small suburb outside Dallas in 4-bedroom house on a one-acre lot that backs up to a pond with a walking trail. Often, we can be found hanging out around by the pool or scooting around the pond with our daughter Savannah.

Joe is a physician and Jaclyn a community college biology professor. We met at work in 2009 and have been together ever since! Both of us enjoy being outdoors, going to concerts, and trying new restaurants. Our number one priority is giving our daughter, and hopefully our adopted child, the experiences of a lifetime, and to help them make the best of every opportunity they can.

Traveling is a passion we have, whether it is spring in Scotland, summer in Rhode Island or winters in Miami. We get so excited to see our daughter’s face experiencing new places and can’t wait to add another member to out traveling band!

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

Our family loves spending time together! We have fun dressing up for Halloween, having family mini-adventures, cooking treats together, and are frequent visitors to many parks throughout the metroplex.

We understand that adoption is a courageous choice for the birth family.  It’s a choice we admire. We want you to know that we will do everything in our power to live up to the expectations set upon us as adoptive parents.  Please know we will treat our new addition as our own while respecting any cultural differences they may have.

Again, thanks for stopping by,

Jaclyn, Joe, & Savannah