Waiting Parents: Eric and Cecily

Hi Mama-

After 7 losses and the miracle of our son, we want to welcome you and your baby into our world. Our goal is to NOT erase you. Instead, we want to add you into our family. Our intention was never to just adopt a baby, but to add bio mom and dad, if that is your desire. The more to love the child the better!

Daniel, Mary, and Samuel

We’ve always known adoption would be a part of our story. Cecily’s eldest sister was adopted and adoption has been a constant tug at her heart.

Eric and I have been together for 11 years and married for nine. We are very involved with our church and we meet weekly with our church life group. In our life group there are a few adoptee children, and it is important to us that our children grow up with other adoptees so they can relate in that aspect of life.

We invite you to look at our profile book where you will see our life more in detail. We look forward to meeting you!

– With love: Eric, Cecily and Ellis