Waiting Parents: Ashley and Stetson

First off, we want to thank you for your time, and we are so beyond grateful that you are even reading this.

Coming to the decision to adopt was not just a simple conversation with each other, there were many prayers, tears, and cheers. God spoke, and we listened. We feel God has taken many avenues to bring adoption to weigh heavily on our hearts. We came to the conclusion to adopt through prayer and reflecting on who and what we want to be as a family. We have not even received this blessing yet, and God has already filled our hearts with an abundance of love for this precious gift. 

We are Christians and have a foundation built on faith. In our home, we have structure, love, and grace. We will provide guidance and opportunities for happiness and success. This child will be safe, healthy, happy, and most of all unconditionally loved.

When we decided in 2014 to start our family, Ashley became a stay at home mother. Stetson works for an oil and gas company and has a very flexible schedule. He gets to be very involved in everyday family activities. We are very blessed with an abundance of family time.

We do not know your name or even what you look like, but we do know that we love you because Jesus loves you. This decision is one that only a brave, strong, and selfless person can make and we understand it was not easy. If you choose us, this child will always know how much you love them. We will always be connected. We will always be praying for you. We will always be thinking of you. We promise to honor you and your memory every chance we get. For you gave this child life and we will be forever grateful. 

Our Story

Stetson and Ashley met in 2001 when they were both in Middle School. Little did Stetson know, that the sweet, shy, and loving girl he would admire in the hallway before class would one day be his wife. They remained good friends through high school, but never pursued a romantic relationship. After High School, Stetson pursued his passion to join the Marine Corps. By the grace of God, Stetson and Ashley’s relationship would be rekindled at the beginning of 2008 by a simple social media instant message. When Ashley came to visit Stetson before his deployment to Iraq, they both had realized that their relationship had grown from friendship to an unconquerable love for each other.

When Stetson returned home from Iraq, he could not bear to wait a second longer to make Ashley his beautiful bride. After the Marines, they moved back to Texas to be closer to family. In 2014, their sweet daughter, Kimber, was born. In 2017, they built their dream home and filled it with love and laughter. While life is never without its ups and downs, their love remains unconquerable through their trust in Christ and dedication to each other


Age: 28 years
Hair color: Brown
Height: 5’2″
Education: AA, currently pursuing biblical counseling
Employment: Stay at home Mom
Hobbies & Interests: Photography, Music, Reading, Planning events, Crafts, Bible studies, Spending time with friends and family


Age: 29 years
Hair color: Dirty blonde
Height: 5’9″
Education: Bachelors degree
Employment: Project management
Hobbies & interests: movies, reading, podcast, shooting, working out, fishing, and traveling


Age: 3 years
Hair color: Dirty Blonde
Hobbies & interests: singing, dancing, playing with cousins and friends, baby dolls, movies, traveling, swimming, anything outdoors

Our home and hearts have an empty place waiting to be filled.

For this CHILD we have prayed.
1 Samuel 1:27