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Yes. One way is to use a home pregnancy test. The home tests are almost always accurate. If you want an even more accurate test done, then having your family doctor perform a pregnancy test is the most reliable option to take.

Keep in mind that she might be feeling upset, anxious and angry. She might be feeling overwhelmed with the idea of raising this child alone. It is important to discuss how you feel with her, and that you want to be involved. That it is important to you to be a part of the decision making process regarding the future of the child. Letting her know this may make her feel more comfortable about including you in the future plans for the child. If it is a joint decision that adoption is in the best interest of the child, then the next step would be to meet with one of our counselors to create a Placement Plan that is best for the both of you. If abortion comes up as an option, then it is wise of both of you to look at the long term effects of that choice. Many people who choose abortion later experience emotional scars, not to mention the physical problems that may arise. If you love one another, then another option is marriage. If you both feel like you can provide a nourishing environment for your child, then that might be a better option. The last option would be single-parenting. If either you or the birthmother desires to parent the child, then there are agencies that are able to assist you. Keep in mind that if the birthmother decides to parent the child on her own, then you will be required to pay child support until the child is eighteen years old. You can contact an attorney to understand what your rights and responsibilities are, and to learn how to file for paternity, and other legal issues.

It is important to remember to focus on the most important thing…the child, and what is in the child’s best interest. That means that the two of you need to be able to communicate just enough to make the right decisions regarding the child’s future plans. Your counselor will work with both of you, and will keep all information discussed confidential. This is a difficult time for both of you, and even though the both of you don’t agree with each other, you can still agree on what is right for your child.

It is hard to come to the conclusion that you are not ready to be a parent under these circumstances. By way of relinquishment of your parental rights, adoption is a great way to meet both of your needs. The child would be taken care of by loving parents, and you could receive pictures of the child for up to five years so you can see how well they are doing.

Yes, if that is something you are willing to share with them. Children who are adopted feel more secure knowing they were loved by their birthparents. We encourage birthparents to fill out a personal profile that touches on your hobbies and traits so that the child knows information about you and your family. You can also include pictures of you and your family for the child to have.